Treasure System Of $CTB

1 min readSep 10, 2021

We are going to mention about general treasury system of $CTB. Treasures going to be center of everything, basically all rewards going to be received as treasures.Users are able to unlock the treasure or they can just sell it in our market.

How we can receive a treasure?

There are multiple way to get treasure.

1-Purchase from user market.

2-Purchase from website sales(limited treasures you can buy , sell in the user market.)

3-Play to earn, mini games.Dig for treasure for example.

4-RTS game treasure for grand winner and you can find in dungeons.

Treasure proof of accuracy.

Treasure going to be create as series, when all treasure unlocks of that series you will able to check all treasure drops, percent and who got it.


After treasure system we are going to publish marketplace. You are able to sell treasure,drops and in future NFT.


Treasure will contain RTS game items, mini game items,$CTB, tournament balance etc.

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